Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Future Network News - March 2019

FNN - Future Network News
Bringing you the Future today

Watch our webcast and join lead anchorman Pat Dyosi as he brings you all the news, sport and weather from the year 2019.

Our top stories tonight:
Trouble for the great barrier reef, Victorian urban policy causes controversy, Another bomb scare at gene therapy clinic in Sao Paulo, the UN debates Artificial intelligence, EU introduces more sanctions, Portuguese soccer star calls it quits and biofuel prices rise rallying the slumping NYSE.

* Technical note: Due to ongoing technical difficulties FNN is taking longer than expected to produce. Although I hope to rectify these issues in future, the Christmas period and new employment may delay this. Given these issues Episodes which I hoped to be once every two to three weeks will be appearing every four to five instead. Thank you for your patience. Pat Dyosi.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Future Network News - February 2019

Welcome to FNN - Future Network News.
Bringing you the future....

This is our pilot webcast and has been produced using limited technology and resources, future episodes we hope will be of higher technical quality.
We would appreciate your feedback and input and hope to produce the second webcast of FNN soon.

If you would like to watch this episode in full screen you can access it via this youtube link